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Bitcoin Lightning Network Analytics

Explore the Bitcoin Lightning Network. See your node and channel details. Setup custom reports and notifications. Analyze network capacity and node categories. Leverage historical network data.
Bitcoin and the Lightning Network
Lightning Network Explorer and Node Directory
Network and Node Geo Data
Custom Network Analytics and Notifications

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Node Operators

Customize Your Node and Setup Notifications

  • Personalize your node and view directories of channel partners by node category
  • View your node and channel details
  • Explore lightning network analytics and details on all nodes
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Explore all Lightning Nodes and Channels
Bitcoin / Lightning Business

Customize Your Company & Node Page

  • Add your logo, banner, and node category
  • Link your company website and custom description with your node
  • Analyze node categories and review overall network data and growth rates
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Verify and Customize Your Lightning Node Directory Listing
Researching the Lightning Network

Custom Analytics and Network Data

  • Find Node and Channel specific capacity data, connections, and historical reports
  • Explore growth rates in node count, channels, and capacity
  • View custom analytics on Geo IP Data and Node categories
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How has Lightning Network Capacity Grown?

How Fast is the Lightning Network Growing?

How many nodes and channels exist on the network? Get insight into aggregate network data and see details of each active node and channel.
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4,700+ BTC
Lightning Network Total Capacity
> 100% YoY Growth
14k+ Nodes
and 67k+ active channels

Take Action on Lightning Network Data

Get visibility into all aspects of the Bitcoin Lightning Network and take action based on network data.

Lightning Network Explorer

Get visibility on each node and channel in the network

Custom Node Directory and Category Analytics

Build capacity and node reports based on aggregated network data and node categories

Alerts and Notifications

Setup up alerts and notifications on any nodes across the network

Bitcoin Lightning Network Explorer

Details on all nodes and channels on the Lightning Network, complete with aggregated data by category.
Explore the Lightning Network
Where are all of the Lightning Nodes?

Customize Your Node and Get Started

Claim and Customize Your Lightning Node
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